Sports Paradise VR (PC)

Sports Paradise VR is a casual sports game located on a beautiful tropical island. Explore an exciting archipelago where you will find many playable locations across a variety of comprehensive games and game modes.

Play from a collection of sports
Archery: Score as many points as you can across 5 levels in classic mode, bullseye only mode, or timer mode.
Boxing: Try your hand at some aerobic exercise in 3 exciting locations where you can push yourself to your limits. Challenge yourself with the dynamic boxing mode.
Running: Adventure through 3 scenic routes that take you around the beauty of the island while breaking a sweat.

Experience a realistic portrayal of three popular sports that are sure to keep all ages active
There are six total game modes between the different sports
Each sport has multiple levels which increase in difficulty
Unlock new levels and take on new challenges as you play
Intuitive Archery physics that match real life
Feel your actions through precise haptic feedback
Personalize the archipelago by changing the time of day







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Junio 17, 2021

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