Master of the Tattooverse DEMO (Quest)

Have you ever tattooed someone? If you are not a tattoo artist, your answer is probably no. So get your virtual tattoo gun ready as you play as the apprentice of The Sensei - the world's most enigmatic and famous tattoo artist - where you have to take care of his tattoo parlor and his special clients while he is absent for the time being. “Your” customers think that you are “The Sensei” and act according to their needs and unique characteristics. As you episodically proceed, you unlock new tattoo machines, inks and accessories to customize and support the way you play, your customers keep getting more and more “eccentric” to say the least.

Throughout the game, the most unusual customers will request unique tattoos from the Master of the Tattooverse in diverse backgrounds. You will give tattoos to a rap star, a mafia leader, an astronaut, a war hero, a viking, a vampire and even a robot! You will interact with the weirdest people in the most awkward situations!