Descent Alps (Quest) (APP LAB)

Rhythm-based gameplay meets extreme winter sports in VR’s most intense skiing experience ever. Face the exhilarating challenge of speeding down steep mountains as you carve a path through the powder, hitting the gates with precision and finding the rhythm of the slopes.

Control your descent down the treacherous mountainsides using whole body motions. Lean into the hairpin turns, and hunch down when it’s time to carve the skis and make the gates. The paths down the slopes are randomly generated based on the soundtrack, so moving with the music improves your skiing skills and boosts your scores, while making the game feel even smoother and more realistic.

With over 60,000 downloads of the demo version, Descent Alps has been finely tuned to deliver an invigoratingly real experience, while remaining comfortable and fun for pro skiers, gamers and total newcomers alike.