This Game is designed for Virtual Reality. must need a HMD Device.
SOLRAVEN is rail scrool shooter game for Virtual Reality.
Move Your HMD for Fly through the Valley.
Lock on your Enemy and Shoot'em!
---------- Feature ---------- 4 Campaign Mission
High Quality Musics
8 types of Enemys
Free Play
SOLRAVEN was made to study the VR.
You may be disappointed with the content of the short game.
But I think this is better now than when the enemy will be randomly generated.---------- Control ----------HMD Control : Fighter Pitch/Yaw/Roll
Right Mouse Button : Fire Missile
Left Mouse Button : Fire Gun
ESC Key : Quit Game
Enter Key : Calibrate HMD Position
Left/Right Arrow : Tutorial On/Off (In Main Menu)
Except Oculus DK2 was not tested in the device.
But I think it would go well with most of the HMD.
If you have problems, please send an e-mail.
---------- Developer ---------- LuiCypher(Lee Jae Hyeong) / Inception Soft.


Inception Soft


Inception Soft



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Marzo 3, 2016

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