Ziggurat Three Dimensional Chess (PC)

Ziggurat Three Dimensional Chess extends chess to new levels, new pieces, new moves and new strategies. Taking chess into the 21'st Century new Masters will be able to lead strategic gaming beyond the limitations of 2D chess. Players move pieces through 8 levels of two hundred and four interleaved squares, alternating red/black levels with blue/green levels. Each level above has squares in between the squares below creating a stepped pyramind: the Ziggurat. New pieces: Wizards, Cardinals, Falcons, Ballistas, Paladins and Guards move through levels as well as within levels intuitively extending the moves of Queens, Rooks, Bishops and Knights and Pawns. Anyone who knows chess can learn Ziggurat Three Dimensional Chess within minutes and then spend a lifetime exploring the exponentially greater game possibilities now allowed.


Michael Lampel



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Abril 1, 2021

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