Breakroom (PC)

Turn your virtual reality headset into a multi-monitor system!

Breakroom lets you use Windows inside VR. You can surround yourself with applications. Work on Photoshop while watching a Youtube tutorial or just watch your favorite movie while playing online poker and browsing Reddit, while sitting on the beach or in a Japanese garden. You can finally use your headset for other things than gaming and free yourself from the limitations of the physical monitor.

In Breakroom you can choose between a range of soothing environments. You can use all your regular Windows 10 applications, move them around your virtual space and create the ultimate personalized work space.

You start your experience with your mouse where you right click anywhere to see a menu. Use the menu to bring your open applications into Breakroom, open Windows Explorer or the Start Menu to open new applications. You can change backgrounds and skyboxes, rearrange your applications within Breakroom or open the tutorial.




Oculus Steam

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Noviembre 1, 2016

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