Alien Dawn (PC)

This game is brought to you by our Patreon Subscribers & VoyagerVR| Created by the Two Person Dev Team of Xtian & JesV |

Alien Dawn is a prototype currently available for free using Steam Playtest


10+ Player Co-op
Survive and Escape an Alien Invasion
Interactive Vehicles & Aircraft
VR & Non-VR Desktop PC Compatible

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Reasons for joining our Discord community

Find a welcoming and nice group of people to play with
Share your own Alien Dawn content: Videos, Live Streams, Screenshots
Interact with the devs and communicate feedback directly
Get tech support or have questions answered about the game
Watch us live stream the development of the game!
Password for access to development builds
The world must unite to defeat the outside threat of an Alien Invasion.

You and your squad have crash landed in an unknown location in the midst of an alien invasion and it's up to you and your team to find a way home.

Find a Map
Locate a Radio Tower
Call for Extraction
Find a Flare Gun & Portable Radio
Make Your Way to the EVAC Point
Fire the Flare Gun and Get to the Chopper!
All primary locations on the open world map are procedurally generated with each play-through lasting between 30 to 90 minutes.


Free Movement Locomotion | Head or Controller Directional Movement Options
Snap Turn
Smooth Turn
Jump & Climb
First & Third Person View on Desktop
Physics Based Weapons & Inventory Items
Drivable and Flyable Vehicles & Aircraft
Additional Features
Vehicle Hitching System for Towing Large Loads
Dismemberment System
NPC Infighting | A.I. Enemies Fight Each Other if on Opposing Sides
Clothing System | Different Player Outfits
Deathmatch Mode | With Bots Optional
Access to Dev Room | Spawn All, and as Many Items from the Game for You & Your Team

Full Body IK | Player Characters Animate from VR Headset and Motion Controller Movement
VOIP | In Game Voice Chat with Audio Attenuation, Environmental Voice Filters and Character Lip Sync
Performance Specifically Optimized for a Smooth VR Experience
Full Video Settings Customization
Built in Server Browser with Steam Support
Hardware Tested On
HTC Vive | Vive Controllers
HTC Vive Pro | Vive Pro Controllers
Valve Index | Knuckles Controllers
Oculus Rift S | Rift S Controllers
Ouclus Quest | Quest Controls | Virtual Desktop & Oculus Link Cable
Windows Mixed Reality (Acer) | Mixed Reality Controllers
Windows 10 Desktop PC | Mouse & Keyboard

We LOVE CO-OP. We love Co-op games that allow for more than 4 players even more.

We also think it's important to bring VR and Desktop players together because it could still be a while before everyone has access to high quality VR hardware.

Finally, we are children of the 80's, so if you're into 80's & 90's Sci-Fi / Horror, we hope you'll love what we have in store for you in this game.| Notes from the Developers Xtian & JesV |

We put a lot of value in the feedback of our users, and we want to hear what you think would improve the game. One of our favorite aspects of this process is getting a request for a change that would make the game better, and showing it off to the person who made the suggestion.

Thank you for considering trying out this game while it's in its prototype phase. We were lucky enough to have Valve give us access to their new "Playtest" feature on Steam, so if you want to try the game right now for free you can, and we'd LOVE to have you!

<3 Xtian & JesV







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