VR Girls’ Room in Darkness (PC)

In 2008, a girl named Kimmy disappeared strangely. Her parents searched for her for a long time but failed to find her, so they left this sad land. Twelve years later, you found this uninhabited house during an accidental trip. Due to the new COVID epidemic, you have lost your job and become homeless, so you live into this house. But you didn't expect that, late at night, there was a burst of strange laughter, so you woke up. . .

In the game, you own a flashlight, but its power is limited. You can find batteries scattered in the house to maintain the flashlight. At the same time, you have to find the key to open the room and unlock the room. In it, you may encounter various supernatural events. In the end, you will overcome the fear and find the last mechanism, only to realize that this is a farce.




William at Oxford



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