Uphold The Realm (PC)

Uphold The Realm is a tower defense game that leverages VR to provide a uniquely immersive experience. Take all of your standard tower defense tropes and mix in the ability to experience it all in First-Person. Take command of your wargames style campaign map to interact with levels and manage towers. When your ready - Shrink down onto the table and use your archery skills to defend against the oncoming hordes. Inspired by Sanctum and KingdomRush.

Key Features
Build and Upgrade your towers
Use your Archery skills to defend your base
Manage your towers from above and then Shrink down to attack the oncoming horde
Over 20 different monsters - Land & Flying
Diverse Campaign Map
3 Upgrade paths for each tower.
Talent System - Customize your strategy
Level Ranking System
Multiple Difficulties
Inspired by Sanctum and KingdomRush.


Alkaline Development LLC



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Enero 13, 2021

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