Poo With a View (Android)

Poo With a View is the world’s first VR app for the toilet. It will revolutionize the way you do your business. You’ll escape your boring bathroom to be immediately transported to world-class panoramic views of beautiful scenery. Our “Poo With a View” technology places a realistic model of a quality porcelain throne in the bottom of each scene to make your experience as immersive and realistic as decency allows. Soothing music and environmental sounds will lull you into a deep state of relaxation and help things get moving.

Do you have an Oculus Quest now, and the old Oculus Go isn’t getting much use? Well, pull that Oculus Go from the drawer, charge it up, and find a new place of honor and glory for it in the bathroom, because now you’ve got Poo With A View!

The next time you go, bring your Oculus Go!


360 Labs


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