The Dark Method (PC)

The Dark Method is a single player, story-driven VR game where the player gets to explore creepy/scary environments, solve classic adventure/survival horror game style puzzles, and battle monsters along the way.


Demonic possessions? Haunted dolls? They’re real. And the only way to fully exorcise this evil is by entering into the 11th dimension.

You play as Dr. Dark, who discovered this secret from a demon by successfully performing an exorcism on himself. Now named after Dr. Dark, “The Dark Method”, is the only known way to fully exorcise evil.

Dr. Dark’s work has drawn the attention of certain government officials and is now asked to perform an exorcism on their behalf. But little does he know, there's more to this request than what meets the eye.


Analog Joker LLC


Analog Joker LLC



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Noviembre 20, 2020

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