Hyper Psychic Gauntlets (PC)

You uncover an ancient artifact that grants you telekinetic powers, and in doing so awaken its guardians to prove your worth as its wielder.

Hyper Psychic Gauntlets is an unorthodox VR bullet hell where you have nothing but two telekinetic gauntlets to defend yourself against the guardians of the temple. Dodge lasers, deflect bullets and throw around enemies as you prove you're worthy as the wielder of the gauntlets. Between split second thinking deciding whether to dodge or deflect and the constant movement needed to weave yourself around lasers and bullets, you'll be drowning in sweat by the time you take off your headset.

There's no limit on how many objects you can hold at once, as long as it's within your ray, you can grab it.

Grab enemies to put them under your control and turn them into temporary weapons.

Rise the rankings as you play through 4 stages, 2 boss fights and 2 endless mode stages. Normal mode is where you'll really be flailing your arms around feeling the adrenaline but if you don't like dying constantly each stage has it's own Casual mode with a different spawnset. And I should probably mention this now, but both the guardians and you die in one hit, so be prepared to die a lot.









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Diciembre 3, 2020

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