synopsisElios has always been a rich, vibrant and peaceful place. That was the case until the exceptionally bright “moon” appeared. From the time people began to call the door “the portal of the alien world,” the monsters of the alien world began to appear on the earth, literally, through the door, as they have never seen before. We started a war for survival with those monsters without even having time to think about where this gate came from and how long it would last. Sometimes, giant monsters appear through the door, and these giant monsters were difficult to deal with alone, and we needed heroes to deal with these giant monsters. The heroes of our world cannot die arbitrarily or unwillingly during the time contracted with this earth. However, for a while, the soul escapes, and the hero's mysterious ability that was sealed during such time can be used, and with the activities of these heroes, he is confidently protecting this land from monsters in the alien world.Character- Basic Class

Article: Protecting party members on the front line with one-handed weapons and shields.
Archer: Powerful rearward attack with distant bow
Wizards: Attack and support with different kinds of magic

- Special Class
Soul Seeker (Special Class): Becomes the hero's soul escaped state (dead state) and uses the recovery of party members and various types of soul abilities. Soul Heal (Health Recovery) can be distributed to party members when the soul breaks state, which is activated only during boss raid.Contents-Elios is divided into 5 fields and monsters with various personalities appear.

-Dungeons exist on the field. Boss monsters of huge size appear in the dungeon and you can proceed with the boss raid.

-There are elements that can only be enjoyed in virtual reality content.
Picking up, throwing
Party member healing
Interactive action when buffing
Attack method by class
* Sword Swing Action
* Arrow shooting action
* Rune shape drawing action when enchanted







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