Reality End (PC)

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Reality End offering a new VR perspective, playing a multiplayer shooter in the classic mouse & keyboard way.

Reality End, take you to the 3rd person view, with an over the shoulder view, allowing smooth gameplay. No running and jumping dizziness.

With a Sniper Class and Zooming, you get the 1st person view, with an eye-level aiming and shooting.

What's inside the game:
* Early access to the game with included features, while more content will be uploaded, including heroes, weapons, and maps.
* VR room-based multiplayer, with currently up to 16 players per room. Planned to be extended to 32 players per room shortly.
* Play as a human or as an android.
* 4 Classes: Assault, Support, Medic, Recon
* 5 maps.
* Items Store.
* Keyboard and mouse support.
* Controller support for Oculus Rift only.
* Practice with bots.

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Octubre 27, 2020

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