Twistedland VR (PC)

Twistedland VR is a team-based competitive first-person tactical multiplayer shooter built exclusively for VR that immerses you and up to 7 fellows to take a visit a newly opened shooting theme park. Experience the next level virtual warfare with arcade controls, interactive environment and intense firefights.
It's a craziest shooting theme park you might visit in real life, completely in VR.

Main features:
Co-op multiplayer: Join forces with a friends in co-op or multiplayer mode for up to 8 players.
Сomfortable weapon handling: Who caser about realism if it's now fun? In VR shooter main fun is to shoot others, let's focus on it!
Interactive environment: Handles, doors, explosive barrels, bottles - interact with everything.
Casual fast-paced team-based games: Few buttons click to join match.
Colorful artstyle: Bright, warm and colorful environment will make you feel good (we very hope so).
Challenging AI on both singleplayer and multiplayer: For those, who like to play with computer friends (or don't like to play with living people)
Only in VR: Twistedland VR is a shooter exclusively built for VR. Step into the virtual strikeball-like teamfights as if you were really there (without bruising).
Several maps and teams: Wanna be a cowboy? Or escaping prisoner? Or SWAT officer? You'll get it.
Different weapons and gadgets: Each team have their own weapon set. Find which one you'll like the most.
A shooting range serves as a hub area with tons of activities: For shooting practice and simply having fun with friends between matches.
HATS and challenges! Everyone love hats. Сomplete challenges to get achievements and unlock cosmetic hats.

Additional info.
The game was created from the ground up for Room-Scale Virtual Reality Experience.If you don't own VR headset you can try the game in good VR Parks & Arcades.

This game is not associated with any other fantasy movie, game or book.
Any similarity is purely coincidental.







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