Shifted VR (PC)

Shifted is an online-multiplayer tactical shooter for virtual reality, currently in its alpha phase of development.

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In the near future, on a blighted Earth, the claim to the human legacy is diverging. With the world in flux, many have chosen to move to the orbiting Colony which serves as a springboard for the next phase of life.

Conglomerate REYAB asserts the rights to what's left behind, and aims to protect and maintain their holdings. From time to time, Colonists are deployed back to Earth to digitize artifacts and heritage sites under REYAB protection.

Armed with dissent, what matters most begins to blur . . .

Fight to protect the human legacy as REYAB or Colonist.

Team Death Match Game Mode
Artifact Game Mode (Under Development)
Interactive Weapons
Voice Chat
Dedicated Servers
Artificial Locomotion
Smooth Turn/Snap Turn

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Enero 6, 2021

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