Orbital Strike VR (PC)

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Taking inspiration from classic space combat games, our aim is to bring amazing capital ship fleet battles to VR. With one small change. If you want to experience the element, you have to get out of the cockpit!

As a pilot for the Starfall mercenary fleet you will fight through a co-op / single-player campaign, build fire support ships, and direct fleet assets to destroy the enemy.Launch Alert Fighters!
The universe of Orbital Strike is fractured. After a disastrous first contact, humanity has developed a set of protocols to ensure their survival. Factions operate out of Carriers, fighting and capturing star systems for the small pool of resources left available. The factions ensure that the protocols are upheld. Just in case.

When an old threat returns, can you unite the fleet and save humanity once again?

Solo / Co-op Storyline Campaign
Fight through the Starfall Campaign, designed from the ground up for single-player and drop-in online multiplayer. Enemies and encounters scale to the number of players to provide a more challenging experience.Zero-G Combat
Fleet pilots don’t sit in the cockpit. Armed with hand-jets and an array of handheld weapons you must fly through enemy formations and open a path for your fleet.Command Lethal Capital Ships
As a pilot, you are the center of strength for your fleet. Call in and direct formidable capital ship weaponry against hardened targets and structures. Mix and match chassis and component types to counter the enemy's tactics.Deploy Tactical Structures
The battlespace isn’t static. Use your hard-fought for resources to build structures and stations across the system to enable fleet upgrades or lock down an area with devastating defensive platforms.Thank you for your support!
Orbital Strike VR is Sandglass Game’s second VR title. As a 2-person team, we are releasing Orbital Strike VR as a shorter, more polished title. Bring a couple friends for the most fun and challenging experience, however all missions are designed for single-player gameplay as well.


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