DoVille (PC)

DoVille is a VR destination with places to visit and things to try. This first chapter "Juniper Beach" has a mini-mystery at it's heart, but we encourage you to try all the VR rides and give us feedback during early access so we can build more for you.

You should know that we're testing this game for young and the elders. Elders don't get enough content, and we've got a bit of a "Murder She Wrote" (an elder's show) mixed with the 1970s vibe going so they can really get into it.

From parasailing to roller-coasting, from chatting to locales to having a nice sit on a VR beach while it might be snowing outside in real life, DoVille, we hope, has a little for everyone.

Anything we try we're also building into a portable version we'll fire out to elders, so we really hope it's a hit, and only VR players in Early Access on Steam can help us do that.DoVille
In the land of DoVille and all through the world,
The Do's were amassing and having a thrill.
VR Rides to engage and and crime motives to prove,
It's low poly VR with high stakes as its groove.

Early Access here is the name of the game,
VR and Chill, We're not ashamed!
To ask you for feedback on this very joint
Building early access riffs is the whole Done Point.

For seekers and players we hear what you've said:
"Please us and build us toys for our heads."
For the Dos down in DoVille the young and the small,
They're really you, and we're we and that is quite all.


DoVille's a world with a bunch of activities and some mysteries all running in VR. We're a bunch of devs (and supporters) who wanted to build a VR game that was good for people - older adults in particular (more on that), but it had to be fun for you and us on Steam here, or it wouldn't be any fun for us to work on, and that's important.

So we had a thought - build a VR game, that is kind of open ended - a big world that we can add to whenever we want with a clean, crisp look.

You should use a revolving chair for this game (that's where the good for you part comes in). It helps your brain build an inner picture of what you're seeing, and we are confident that it can actually improve your short-term memory. We're designing the tests to prove that.



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