The first titans (PC)

You are the first Titan, a new kind of robot created to defend the outpost in the outer worlds. You will land in different planets in order to defend you reactor from the hordes of aliens trying to destroy you and your base. The first titan is a arcade VR game with instant action.ActionDifferent kind of enemies will try to destroy you from staying in the planet. You need to use wisely your resources and your bullets in order to survive. Are you ready to burn into ashes an horde of 100 enemies including giants spiders, zombies and much more.

As part of your abilities you will have different kind of weapons attached to your body: shoot, explode and burn the different enemies coming to you.Strategy
Invest the credits you get by killing the aliens in your base. You can buy different kind of turret, more harvesters or in your weapon system. Use them wisely because each turret or weapon has a weakness.

The reactor is consuming crystal as the time passes, the harvesters will gather the crystals for you and will keep the reactor stable. Protect them and buy more in order to survive.


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Septiembre 10, 2020

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