Automata Break (PC)

Set your defenses, use a variety of weapons and stop the escape of the infected Automata!

Automata Break is a local-multiplayer Tower Defense game for VR:
The Tower Defense player will adopt the strategic role of the Tactical Drone to place defenses and use special abilities to stop and destroy the Automata, while the First Person Shooter player in VR, the Robotic Operator, will fight the Automata directly with different weapons to prevent their escape.

You can fully play either on single player or local co-op.Key Features
???? Asymmetrical Multiplayer: One game, two different ways to play
???? Local co-op VR: embody the Robotic Operator in VR or the Tactical Drone with your mouse and keyboard.

???? Chaotic Single Player Mode: Play both roles at the same time in VR, place towers in the map, then get into the map to fight the enemies directly at any time.
???? Buy and Upgrade your VR weapons and towers during the game, plan out your build for each level.
???? Special Tactical Drone abilities like teleporting the VR player anywhere on the map, or firing a giant missile on the map.
???? Mutators: Modify the mechanics of the game and completely change the game experience.
???? Challenge yourself with the two different difficulty levels for each stage.

We are working with composer/producer Mike Fortu from the worldwide known electronic music duo "Fortu & Mendoza", as well as audio engineer Diego Mercado, and data-driven composer/producer Carlos Ramirez, to craft a powerful and dynamic soundtrack that will change with the different phases of the game.Story
In the year 2457 Humanity has achieved inter stellar travel and colonized solar systems near our own with a revolutionary AI system: The Automata. An anti AI rebel group has created a virus to corrupt and steal Automata from one of our Network Planets. The infected Automata must be stopped and neutralized before the technology can be used to endanger the public. Support the local AI (A.O.M.I) and use our specialized weaponry to prevent any escape from happening.


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