TRACE of us (PC)

I entered the mansion where the murder case. I got in touch with someone from the past who wasn’t killed yet through a walkie-talkie.
“The murderer will soon break into the mansion and you will be killed.”
Analyzing the traces and clues of the murder scene will likely save the person from the past. Let's share the clues of the murder scene and help the person in the past.

* Note: This game requires two players and both players require microphone communication.

is a two players cooperative mistery/puzzle adventure game.

Player1 of the past is on the verge of death, and Player2 of the future will appear, giving Player1 a chance to cooperate to get out of the crisis. Let's take the this opportunity by communicating.

The murderer will soon break into the mansion!
Are you ready to cooperate with your partner to solve the case?