TERMINUS presents a quest, a choose-your-own adventure into a mysterious universe of alien architecture populated by humanoid clones and cryptic symbols.

Prepare yourself for a slippage of time and space as your journey propels you across five distinct realms: cross the frontier through Fleshold Crossing; take respite in Known Unknown; lose yourself within Scumm Engine; face impending danger in the tower of Gog & Magog; and experience the brink of sensory overload in the psychedelic Tumblewych. The mysteries of what you ultimately seek will be revealed: an understanding that reality is not fixed but rather both malleable and multiple.

"If you enjoy lucid dreaming and long for some virtual unreality your cup will truly runneth over." —Richard O'Brien (Rocky Horror Show)

An arcane world illustrated over several years through drawings by Jess Johnson, brought to life by Simon Ward and developer Kenny Smith, and enriched with soundtracks by composer Andrew Clarke.


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Agosto 6, 2020

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