Virtuoso (PC)

Virtuoso is a new way to make music that is easy to get into and deep enough to wow a concert crowd. Gone are the days of clunky virtual pianos, these instruments were built for VR, and for creating without pausing the music.

Key features:
* Six otherworldly instruments, including the three-dimensional Ooooorgan and the Wavemin.
* Responsive drum pads with low latency that can be configured and positioned anywhere you want.
* Awesome synthesizer patches and effects that can be tuned using the height, depth and tilt of your controllers.
* Virtual microphone allows you to sing, beat-box or rap to your music, with sound controlled by how close you hold it.
* Live looper makes it easy to create quick loops and build your track as you go.
* Dazzling environment that responds to your performance and the beat of the music.
* Built for streaming with Twitch integration and spectator camera.
* MIDI support over network, connect to any music program using a light-weight companion app.


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Oculus Steam

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Virtuoso (Quest)