Wings Of Legends (PC)

Discover the story and become a part of the legend!

Do you believe dragons exist? These mythical monsters are now legends. But is it truly so? Imagine a world where dragons are real! Do you want to feel a dragon's heart beating? Do you want to feel the weight of his wing and how the wind blows in your face!
Come on!

Start an exciting journey! Ride the dragon and fly! Experience his incredible flight - this is an amazing journey!

The dragon will take you over towering mountain peaks and deep gorges, past a raging river and across a vast ocean, past ancient and desolate castles! You will see other magical worlds, where the red sun shines and several moons maintain a delicate balance in the world of dragons! This is their world!

Do you want to fly a dragon?

Immerse yourself in a world where real fire-breathing monsters fly in the sky. Believe in the unreal!

Become a part of Wings of Legends.Features
— You need to make sure that you are not afraid of heights. Remember, this is Dragon Flight. And the Dragon flies high in the sky. So try not to look down.

— You need to saddle the dragon. And when the Dragon takes off, try to take a comfortable position for the rider.

— Enjoy the flight and look around. Look up, right, left! You will finally notice that your Dragon is not alone in the sky.

— Feel the flap of mighty wings, look at the ruins of ancient castles beneath you, look into the sky and notice the two moons. That's right - you're on another planet. Pay attention that nature is different here, and real dragons are flying around you.

— Try to stay on the Dragon as you fly through the ocean with the bones of ancient monsters. Don't forget that you've saddled a mighty beast and just enjoy the sharp turns.


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