Shooting Arena VR (PC)

Mix speed and accuracy to turn into a crazy shooting expertThe VR Arcade Shooting RangeWell, you thought you were a good shooter? Let’s see...

Blast frenzied targets before time runs out. Lose health when you fail, win it back with your hit streaks.

Easy to handle...
Shoot, move, turn around, shoot again. Comfortable. Zero motion sickness.

... but hard to master
More targets, faster movement and less time to complete the level. Are you fast enough to win?

Unlock new levels & maps.
Beat the clock to discover new maps and level up the fun!

Climb to the top of the leaderboard
Compare your best times with players from around the world.

Get your league badge according to your position in the leaderboard. Push yourself to the limit and become Master at shooting.Aiming with a mouse is over. It’s now time to use your body. The real one.


Infinity Studio


Infinity Studio


Steam Oculus

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Julio 21, 2020

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