Saber Fight VR (PC)

Laser Sword Fight - Cut Everything

Fight various enemies with a laser sword. Advanced physics engine allows you to cut every object into pieces, there is no limit, you can cut through everything!Use Your Power

Use your power to push and pull objects and smash enemies with heavy boxes. Throw the Saber with a satisfying spinning effect! Unleash unlimited power!Defend With Style

Deflect enemy fire with your blade! Use two different techniques for different behavior. Master your dodge abilities and raise your fighting style even higher!Choose Your Saber
A single blade? Double blade? Reverse grip? Maybe dual wield?
Use the in-game workshop to customize your Blade and Hilt.Random Level Generation
Game levels are randomly generated to ensure unique gameplay every time you play. Choose random missions on the tactical map based on strategic factors!Rebuild Your Temple
You have your very own temple. It is in ruin but you can rebuild to its full shape and establish there a base for operations. You can repair it with resources from missions.Frequent Updates and Community Based Development
This game is actively updated. It is developed together with the community. The Developer listens carefully to what players like and implements the community’s best ideas. Take an active role in game development!


Saber Fight VR


Saber Fight VR



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Julio 2, 2020

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