Vrifier (PC)

Vrifier is a 3D model & data viewer for extended realities with built-in optimization and export for large models and datasets. Vrifier is designed to handle large and complex meshes. Interface is customized for quick and easy 3D viewing for both professional and casual use.


Multiple display methods. Change shaders on the fly to examine your data from different basis. Vrifier has multiple display methods for visualizing the data comprehensively in various use cases.

Control the optimization process. Import large models and define how you want to optimize the model for viewing in virtual and augmented reality. Vrrifier gives you the control to create multiple simplified versions of your models.

Progressive point cloud loading. Vrifier’s support for progressive loading of point clouds makes it possible to bring over 8 billion points to be viewed in virtual reality. (Potree format)

Viewpoints. Save viewpoints to your models and easily navigate back to them whenever you want.

File type support. Currently our supported file formats include .obj, .fbx, .ifc, .stl, .ply and .xyz.

Export optimized models. Optimized models can be exported from Vrifier for later use. Currently Vrifier supports exporting models in standard .obj and .fbx, as well as instantly loading proprietary formats .vrf and .vrx.

Cross-platform support. Vrifier works currently with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets.


Teatime Research Ltd