Alpha Command (PC)

Alpha Command is a throwback to the Cold War bunkers and nuclear scares. Inspired from cheeky 90's movies and classic arcade titles, Alpha Command puts you in the commander's seat as all out nuclear war finally occurs -- on your watch. Defend your cities from the incoming missiles and protect as best you can against the onslaught, as you fully embrace the role of Alpha Commander. Compete against your friends for high scores, and immerse yourself in a full 3D virtual reality experience, with cutting edge graphics and classic, reimagined gameplay for a new era. The world is under attack -- and it is up to you to defend your cities against the onslaught. Are you able to become the Alpha Commander?


Acción Casual indie


VHornet Games


VHornet Games



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Alpha Command (Android)

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Junio 17, 2020

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