VR Jetpack Game (PC)

Physics-based VR with full freedom of flight. VR that feels and controls like a real jetpack. A real-time multiplayer VR arena.

Doubles for a VR flight simulator with complete 3D volumetric clouds (thanks to Truesky).

Players can fly and interact with each other online in VR with realistic physics-based controls. The controls are completely VR and natural, just as you would use thruster controllers for a real jetpack. It's truly free range of motion and natural movement, not the teleport or D-pad controls of most VR games. This includes but not limited to being able to hover, drift, spin, flip, and burst through the sky like Ironman without ever hitting any special buttons (all controller angle/position based). It's up to your own imagination what combination of moves or positions you might be able to do in the air. You can even now swing like Spiderman with the new grappling cables.

The thrust comes from the bottom of each of the controllers you hold, so the neutral position of your arms will be arms-out at least shoulder-width, similar to if you were to be wearing a backpack and holding the straps. You will want to keep your controllers at least shoulder-width apart to stay balanced, so you are not just balancing on a single point like a pogo-stick. The farther the controllers are apart, the easier it is to balance, to the point you can hover if you arms are all the way out like an airplane. Try to hover first before bringing controllers closer together to go fast. When first starting, it is best to tap each one of the thrusters individually first (thumb press) to get a sense of how the propulsion moves you before holding both of them down, just like you wouldn't go full-speed the first time you ride a bike. Whenever you feel you are losing control, put your arms farther apart to make it easier to balance but make sure to pay attention to where you are pointing the bottom of the controllers (don't just wave them around or point them sideways).

To fire grappling cables, hold the trigger after firing a bullet, and a cable will attach to where the bullet hits. The swing is also physics-driven, allowing you to do any sort of acrobatics you would imagine being possible in real-life. And again, this is all possible while being multiplayer.

The game is currently being released as Early Access, as the core mechanics and flying functionality along with multiplayer have been done for over a year now. The slowest part of development, and what is taking the most time for me as a 1-man team, is the more traditional parts of the game, such as map building, graphics, and other assets. I'm hoping that, as the game builds interest, perhaps I will be able to get help working on these other more time-intensive parts of the game. Of interest to me is if players are willing to create and share their own maps for others to fly and experience, as well as sharing skins/mods for the appearances of the actual player.





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