Wings (PC)

"I just flew in from New York, and boy are my arms tired!"

Powered by WRLD3D maps, Wings is a virtual reality experience that gives you the ability to fly across the world and connect with others. Choose a starting city, customize your flyer, and spread your wings!FeaturesExperience the dream of flight in VR. Easy to learn, hard to master!
Explore the world with WRLD3D's geographic maps! Over 100 cities have been marked as destinations (primarily in North America and Europe)
Connect online with rooms entirely based on coordinates! You can race, play games, or simply enjoy the view with the people you meet.
Track your flight stats and destinations with persistent data. Show off to everyone else how far you've traveled!
Customize your flyer's head, hands, wings, and color.
Equip items to draw or create trails in the sky! More items to be added in the future.
Adjust settings for a more comfortable experience. Offline and family friendly modes are available.
Use your imagination! Your ideas can help shape the future of Wings.

Created in Unity by a solo developer who likes cats.







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