Metal Gunner (PC)

AD 2969 Humanity began pioneering into space with the development of science.
AI project with code name METAL GUNNER started
Mankind is destroyed and the prototype AI that has been asleep is awakened by the evolved AI robots.
Start revenge for humanity.

• Key Features •

-Single player mode-

• Single-player mode eliminates enemy robots in 5 mission planets and removes the final boss robot.
  Remove and recapture the planets and bases.

-Defense mode-

• In defense mode, when you complete a single-player mode mission, the defense mode will open in that mission.
   The enemy robots are attacking from all sides, and you have to defend your base. The mission is completed when all enemies are removed.

-Practice mode-

• This is a place to practice the basic operation of the robot and the use of weapons. Practice moves, jumps and weapon attacks.

• You can select 4 levels of difficulty depending on your skill level, and the enemy lots become stronger, so the battle becomes more realistic.

• You can enjoy the game comfortably with thorough VR development technology for prolonged intense action and play.

• Dozens of different robots appear and attack the player without rest.

• Easy robot control and hitting feeling give satisfaction to the best of the robot games.

 • During the game, various weapons are replaced and battled. There are 5 types of weapons, and each weapon has a different power and rate of fire.

  Depending on the enemy robot, the weapon must be changed and used. Ammunition appears randomly when the enemy is blown up.


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