Flow Space (PC)

Flow Space is a VR rhythm game which combines dance, art, and music. Unlike the majority of existing and upcoming rhythm games which are more aggressive punching, slicing, and shooting experiences, Flow Space encourages expressive, flowing movements which are carefully handcrafted to match the rhythm of the music.

Flow Space also allows you to record your own Flow Tracks, so you can get creative and move to the music, then play it back and trace your dance.Features
Gameplay encourages smooth, flowing movements, different from most impact based rhythm games.
Record mode integrated into game play allows you to "paint your dance". You can record complex flowing arm movements and then trace those exact movements in Flow mode. This first of its kind mechanic allows you to preserve your dance to experience in the future or share with others.
Multiple challenge levels for each song to help you gradually progress and reach new high scores.
Improves hand eye coordination, and provides a solid arm workout







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Agosto 1, 2020

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