#MURDER (Android)

#MURDER is built from many 360 videos. After each scene, a few options will appear. Would you like to go to see the crime scene, or investigate one of the inhabitants of the house? You must pay attention to the details in order to solve the mystery and arrest the right suspect.

This game contains no violate or harsh language, but it does contain a sub-story of sexual harassment. The game does not contain any sexual, gory or violent images.

#MURDER takes place in a villa that is home to a group of social media stars. A top Hollywood agency has placed 3 of their leading stars together in a luxurious house in the Hollywood Hills in order to manufacture buzz around the stars
themselves. The stars are all young and reckless. During an ambitious production, Sherry, one of the stars, tragically fell to her death from the roof of the house. You, the detective was called to the place with first responders to handle the situation.


Donald Dunbar