Project RTD: Random Tower Defense VR (PC)

* CAUTION ! 'Valve Index' is not supported yet.

Experience 'Project Random Tower Defense' in Virtual Reality!

Project RTD VR presents a whole new fun with speedy game play
and intense battles of towers unlike other loose-tempo VR defense games.

Three-dimensional vertical map created
for VR only shows you a different immersive play style you never had on horizontal flat maps.

Upgrade towers that were randomly built
and defend Crystal from monsters invading upper and lower ground of the map!

- Speedy and Splendid Battle
Speedy gameplay makes the players excited,
and towers' splendid skills catch the eyes.

- 30 Towers
Each 30 tower has fabulous graphics and great skills.
Towers are divided into 5 grades, and the tower having higher grade has more powerful.
You can come up with a new gameplay strategy by utilizing each tower's skill and upgrade.

-10 Maps
There are 5 ancient historical site and 5 space station maps,
and each has varied components to offer diverse VR experiences.

- Challenge Mode
Missions, invading monsters and map's characteristics are designed differently in each stage
and they allow you strategical gameplays.
You can compete with other players in rank system,
and 20 stages arouses your desire to conquer.

- Various Missions
Normal, Hidden and Boss missions
allow the players to get more rewards upon completion in each stage.

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