Therapy Sheep VR (PC)

Feeling penned up at home, unable to roam free in a beautiful meadow filled with sheep?

Wool, we’ve got you covered!

Relax in a gorgeous mountainside meadow modeled after the venerable Swiss Alps. Rolling hills and tall grass rustle with the wind as you walk through to find friendly grazing sheep, who are happy to have your company.

Learn more about your new quadrupedal friends through interesting facts, sure to amaze the family and friends you are stuck with for the next few weeks as we stay at home.

Use the time of day feature to wander through the meadow at 4 distinct and dynamic times: the refreshing dawn, beautiful day, colorful dusk, and starry night. Feel free to sit down and meditate, practice tai chi, work on your mindfulness, listen to a podcast, or just lie down and look at the stars.

We don’t call this Therapy Sheep for nothing!

Beautiful grassy meadow in the mountains
Friendly grazing sheep, happy to have your company
4 times of day to enjoy
Interesting sheep facts
Planned Features:
Additional maps
Sheep customization
Sheep shearing
Goal-based games







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Mayo 8, 2020

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