Hand Cannon Virtuoso (PC)

Hand Cannon Virtuoso is a roguelite with tons of playable content set in a training academy for combat robots. It blends RPG elements, fast-paced combat, and a light-weight progression system in an ever-changing academy setting. Test your ability to plan, fight, and make split-second decisions as you meet new classmates and explore the prestigious Combat Robot Academy.LOTS OF CONTENTI made this game because I was tired of buying VR games that only lasted like 1 hour. Via procedural level generation, tons of unlockable content, bosses to beat, and more content to come throughout Early Access, Hand Cannon Virtuoso should give you a lot of fun playtime.FIGHT YOUR WAY TO THE TOP OF THE CLASSAfter barely gaining admission to the Combat Robot Academy you learn you have been placed at the very bottom of the class. The only way to reach the top is to defeat your new classmates one by one!EXCEL IN EVER-CHANGING COMBAT COURSEWORKExcel in daily coursework to earn the right to challenge other students. Face off against procedurally generated combat tests meant to push your limits and refine your skills.BUILD YOUR ARSENALA student is only as good as their arsenal! Unlock 30+ weapons, gadgets, and upgrades to trick out your rig and gain an edge over your peers.







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