SoundSelf: A Technodelic (PC)

Take a deep breath in, and use your full exhalation to tone: "Ahhhh."
A choir sings in harmony with your voice.
After a few seconds of toning, abstract geometry explodes in complexity...

At first, you may fool yourself into believing you're controlling it...
...but as you sense the light and music breathe with you, you are forced to give up the illusion of control. You keep toning: "Ahhhh."
She is alive, and she leads you as much as you lead her.
Now the dance has begun!

Your voice has transformed, it takes you deeper and deeper into SoundSelf’s mysteries, each layer shedding deeper habits of personal identity.
As the visuals evolve, your self has expanded into a dance of music, sensation and geometry.

After half an hour, the world returns. �You lie in silence for five minutes �as your mind integrates what it has just experienced.

Welcome to SoundSelf


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