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CyberBall VR
CyberBall VR
CyberBall VR
CyberBall VR
CyberBall VR
CyberBall VR
CyberBall VR
CyberBall VR CyberBall VR CyberBall VR CyberBall VR CyberBall VR CyberBall VR CyberBall VR
CyberBall VR is a multiplayer dodgeball inspired game. Set in a vibrant Virtual Cyberspace, charge and throw balls at other players to kill them and score.

Gameplay Breakdown
With either your right and left hand, you can pull the trigger to charge an Energy Ball. After a quick charging period, the ball is ready to throw. The ball responds to your actions in a realistic and very natural manner.

At any point, you have two types of balls available to you, a Damage and Teleport ball. The Damage Ball will kill any enemy player it touches. If you charge it and hold it in your hand, you can also use it to deflect incoming balls.
The Teleport Ball is your primary method of locomotion. It has a short charge time, and will teleport you to wherever it lands immediately. Think before you throw however, the ball won't teleport you until it lands. If you're in a tricky spot with enemies and try to throw the ball very far, you have to wait for the ball to travel before you teleport. Sometimes it may be smarter to throw the ball closer to you to teleport faster. Watch enemies actions with their balls as a strategy, if they've just teleported, you have a chance to strike as they have to charge it before teleporting again.
If you have a Damage Ball coming towards you and can't teleport in time, you can either physically move in your play space to dodge the ball, or if you have a charged Damage Ball in your hand you can block with it.

Experiment with the balls and come up with strategies to gain an advantage against your multiplayer opponents.


Currently there are 3 vastly different multiplayer maps in the game. A Vaporwave Arena, a Vibrant city where battle it out on rooftops, and a Desert military base with some otherworldly intruders. We have plans to add many more levels in the coming months, and want to share our development process with the community.

Right now we have Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes, with the options of 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 players.
We are working on an Objective based game mode, that involves hoops on both teams side of the arena. With 1 life per player per round, players will score by taking the Score ball and throwing it in the enemies hoop, all while avoiding getting killed.

Dev Notes
We are working hard add more features and polish the game further. Join our Discord server if you'd like to give us feedback or ask any questions! We'd love to hear your ideas. We want to make a fun, physics based multiplayer game that takes full advantage of what makes VR unique. We hope you enjoy what we've created so far, we look forward to showing you what else is to come .


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