Quintessence 3D VR Episode 1 (Android)

By the year 2043 high tech wars and environmental destruction left little life on Earth. Only a few pacifist scientists escaped by barricading themselves in deep bunkers underground and at the bottom of the deep ocean. There they worked on their solution for mankind. Within a few years they isolated the human gene for super energy perception. They discovered SE is a super force that is interconnected with, gives life, form, and sustenance to all things in the Universe. Some hailed it.. the "God energy”. But, all of these scientists believed that all living things evolve toward the super energy.. and if they could speed up this process humans could finally achieve enlightenment and peace. Now, after ongoing success with this revolutionary human genetic engineering.. it is the year 2085. All people have some SE capabilities, but there are a few that evolved beyond the others.

Quintessence 3D VR was created using the latest state of the art in 3D 360 VR, and spacial audio technology.


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Quintessence 3D VR Episode 1 (PC)