Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox (PC)

The viral sensation that cracked up the internet is back with a vengeance! Tons of new furniture, new rooms, virtual reality support, and online multiplayer keep the fun going forever!

Home Improvisation is a furniture-building simulator that lets you decorate an entire house. The only catch: none of the furniture comes with instructions! Discover the intended design or make your own creative masterpiece.

Furniture is more fun with friends! Work together locally and online to build unique (and terrifying) creations. With a huge new catalog of furniture and a whole house to decorate, the possibilities are limitless!
Build over 30 pieces of furniture in 6 unique rooms
Mix-and-match to make your own custom creations
Play with friends! Up to 3 friends can join you locally
Play online! Invite a player to your house, or visit theirs
Use the HTC Vive to build in Virtual Reality
Master 5 tools to create advanced creations
Share your creations on Steam Workshop
Test your furniture-making skills in Challenge Levels
Hear from some of our satisfied players!
“I love the future, because it allows for games like this to exist” - Griffin McElroy, Polygon
“Probably ‘game of the year’ every year in Sweden” - PewDiePie
“It's pure madness and chaos” - Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo
“It really gives me that sense of satisfaction I need, that I’m not getting anywhere else in my life” - JackSepticEye
“It’s really mostly about furniture” - Brian Altano, IGN


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