Interhaptics Haptics Demonstrator (PC)

Discover the power of haptics in VR in this technical demo made with Interhaptics.

Experience haptic feedbacks in VR environment with 4 different approaches:

- While using 3D UI interfaces: give specific haptic feedbacks to your interactions to use the full potential of the sense of touch.
- Grabbing and moving common objects: interact with the XR world and the objects within, move them in the 3D environment while feeling their stiffness and vibrations.
- Touching surfaces and textures: enhance the scenery of your VR experience with haptic textures on surfaces
- For haptic ambiance and immersion: tell you stories through a different channel and share emotions, ambiance and more with the use of immersive haptics

How to run the demo ?

1. Create an account and install Interhaptics to get the Interhaptics Engine that will render all your VR interactions and haptic feedbacks.
2. Start Oculus or SteamVR for your headset and controllers tracking
3. Start the Hand Tracking module and manage your controller preferences as you want
5. Run the demo and enjoy your haptics experience !





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