You are next (PC)

"You are next" is a murder mystery for Virtual Reality. Gather your detective instinct and identify the killer! Fight against the clock to solve your coming murder and get out of the room as soon as possible.

It is a peaceful morning when, suddenly, an alarm goes off. The decontamination of the flat has been activated and will kill you in two hours if you don't leave the room. You use your fingerprint to unlock the exit door but it refuses to open. Someone has changed the identification system. You need to find who has modified it to use their fingerprint and escape. To collect information, you need to go into your memory and identify who could have the means, the motives and the opportunity to murder you. But be careful, things are not as obvious as they seem to be.

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Credits for the 2 sound designers: Aurélie Moiroud and Miroslaw Sienkiewicz.


Sara Quenel


Sara Quenel



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Marzo 6, 2020

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