Timeless Paradox VR (PC)

A story-based VR action game.Timeless Paradox is a single-player action-adventure game.
It combines classic JRPG components such as rich story, stylish character and magic with virtual reality

In this game, player will go back to seek truth behind the past time fragments, and embark a Journey of redemption along with Estel, the chosen champion of humanity. Standing by her side, player will defeat enemies and restore the flow of time.

STORYThe Champion defeats the Dragon
and the world is saved.

The world we live in should have been this way.
However, our Champion could not fulfill our expectations. She failed.

Everything about this battle remains mysterious.

Now you have the chance to go back.
Will you change the history?
Will you defy this fate with her?​

?:”Greetings Traveler.”
Edward:” What happened? What is this place and who are you?”
?:” Relax, you are safe here.”
?:” This place is the Time Palace…
It records and regulates the flow of time.”
Leilia: ”I am Leilia, the keeper here.”
...GAMEPLAY FEATURESAdventure to the Timeless world
Follow our heroine and restore time fragments.
Defy the inevitable fate and explore the story behind.

9 unique boss battles.Each boss battle is designed with a unique mechanism.

Players need to find special ways to expose enemies ’weaknesses.

Unique sword skill system.Proper motion is the key to trigger our unique sword skill system.

This system will provide player a whole new sense of exhilaration and intensity.

Chain attack with alley.Together with alley, players are able to trigger powerful strike to enemy.

A Paradox --- what will be your choice?If every champion must face their destiny of sacrifice, what will be your choice?

Your hearty VR journey
Starts here!


John Jiang



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