Bubberknuckles is a game about punching things in VIRTUAL REALITY!

No buttons, no controls to memorize, no hassle. Just use your fists to hit things. Just like in real life!

There are three level types: Boss Rush, Baby Protect, and Wild Wave.

Boss Rush: In this type of level, you'll encounter a BOSS MONSTER. Each boss monster has a weakness, based on their movements. Some enemies may try to shoot at you with projectiles. The clever answer to that is to simply punch the projectiles back at them!

Baby Protect: You are in your DEN OF FAMILY in these levels. You'll want to protect your babies from the oncoming waves of enemies and creatures! Punch them before they get too close!

Wild Wave: ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Usually that means that a WILD amount of monsters are coming to attack. These waves are the most prone to SURPRISE EVENTS! You'll need to destroy all of the targets to proceed.


Michael Crabbs


Michael Crabbs



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Marzo 4, 2020

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