Maths Runner (Android)

Want to check your Addition/Subtraction skills? Then Maths Runner is the game for you. Maths Runner is an infinite racing game. Player needs to run through infinite environments while solving the mathematics question. Doors to the next environment will only open if the user solves the questions correctly. Multiple choices will be there in the environment to choose from. You can use “Crush” power up to destroy a question and move to the next environment. You can also use
Revive to continue the game even after a wrong answer
Magnet to collect all coins for few seconds
Wizard to disable questions and move without any challenge for few seconds
2X to get double bonus coins for few seconds
You will experience
Lovely Fantasy world
Multiple Complexity of Mathematics
Concentrate Avoid Obstructions created by Fantasy Worlds
Attract the coins using Magnets


Biswa Games


Biswanath Das