Cosmotic Blast (PC)

It’s 2020, the future is now! Shouldn’t you be shooting asteroids … with your ship … in VR … for free! Yah, yah you should. Have a blast blastin’ this blast from the past! Up your upgrades. Unlock your unlocks. Annihilate your enemies. For free. Not wind-clocks-free. Not loot-box-free. Not pay-as-you-go-free. Only the best kind of free. Free. There is a tip jar for this team of one, and a continue upgrade. Do you need this continue upgrade? No. You will always have your saved progress. Actually there is five profiles so you and your family/friends/guest/dog can have their own progress.

There is a leaderboards so you can compete with your online friends. This leaderboard is awesome too. It counts the total Cosmotic Energy you collect from all asteroids from all of the profiles in the game. So if you’re having a party and somehow gather an insane amount of energy on your guest profile. Don’t worry. It just adds up. Boom, take that bestie.

Why play Cosmotic Blast? Because it's a Blast!






Oculus Steam