SpaceVibes (PC)

An Artistic VR “Shooter” Game For Everyone!
Enter space and enjoy shooting flying objects with a laser gun while jamming out to the SpaceVibes soundtrack! A game without gore, that doesn’t encourage shooting living things… In fact, you can’t! It’s a fun space shooter that anyone can enjoy; or, at least anyone who’s cool enough to enjoy cool things (basically anyone who’s anyone)!

DISCLAIMER #1: In the Brazillian rating system, games with weapons are considered violent. In this game you never shoot living things, but while we do market this
as a game for everyone, this marketing doesn't entirely apply to the Brazillian rating system. If you don't wish to play a game with guns, you can skip this one.

DISCLAIMER #2: This game has changed a fair bit since it was put on the store. If you were waiting for it, please review the store page including the trailer before purchasing.



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Enero 17, 2020

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