Stoire (PC)

In a single instant the lights faded and you ceased to remember anything. You wake up in a bizarre place, resembling an abandoned underground scientific complex. After wandering along the storeys you stumble against a weird slightly glowing thing-an artefact. You take it in your hands in order to understand its nature and suddenly comprehend with the whole power of your brain – HE knows about you now and is following you already. You are pressed for time and must be smart and fast to survive.
- The balance of a use of an energy of artefact for medical treatment, teleportation and the slowing –down of a monster are the key features of a game!
- The Crystals accelerate the speed of charging of artefact in anomaly
- You can exit the bunker only after you destroy a completely charged artefact in anomaly


Acción Terror


Droid Riot


Droid Riot