Lets Make A Deal VR Carpong (PC)

This is the first time that anybody has ever brought a live studio audience into gamers’ living rooms thru VR, making it possible to play a 360-degree version of the reality show/game show’s platform from anywhere in the world.

Car Pong – one of LMAD’s hallmark games – draws inspiration from the popular college pastime, Beer Pong. The setup is simple: a table, a group of cups, 25 seconds, and a contestant with a fistful of ping pong balls at the other end, trying to rack up cash on the scoreboard with every ball they sink. VR Car Pong removes the ping pong balls, and places a headset on the eager player, immediately immersing them in the LMAD studio, complete with live audience.Do you Think you got what it takes to be the highest scorer?


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