Laser Z (PC)

Step into an 80's VaporWave inspired VR world where the goal is destroy the cubes and stay alive. Your controllers transform into power rods that allow you to activate the laser. Wield the laser to destroy the cubes. Easy to learn but hard to master. Cubes will appear from all directions. Pump up the volume with an original LazerZ soundtrack.

In World Mode progress through multiple levels on multiple worlds. Each world introduces a new element from powers ups to power downs to different cube movement. Improve your score on each level to unlock stars.

Challenge Mode allows you to customise your own level. Unlock stars in World Mode to unlock more customisation modes.

GunSlinger mode is just you and your reflexes. What level can you get to?

Party Mode allows for party play where each player takes a turn to get their name on the leaderboard.

So what are you waiting for? Fire up the lasers and destroy those cubes.


ZA Games Studio Pty Ltd



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Diciembre 13, 2019

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